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Our front page of our website has the above live link. Check in to see what is going on within our State. I realize "horse-life" people are pretty tough people. However, we do have members with various health concerns. Distancing and not being around people who are sick seems to be the biggest factors although there is much even the experts don't seem to know. The vaccines sound promising and it's amazing how quickly our medical community got to this point. The average vaccine is a three to five year deal normally. As we approach the holidays, let's remember to live our lives with concern for others. This virus has proven to be almost no challenge for some, very challenging for others, and outright scary and devastating for those with certain conditions and illnesses. We are a community that looks out for one another. Let's continue to do so and be as thankful as we can possibly be. And in this time of divisive and very strong political differences...try to remember what really matters. And that is family, friendships, work, play, and horses! We all have much in common. Take care everyone!

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