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Members spotlight

There is no doubt that at H.S.A. we have many members that could fill up our "Spotlight" with exciting and interesting news! We have members that compete or have competed all over the country! Ropers, rodeo, western dressage, barrel racing, mounted shooting, and so much more; our members ROCK! It's my hope that many of you will come forward and "brag" a little so that we can fill this page with some of your achievements and experiences. 

The "Spotlight" will also feature members that simply stand out, consistently trying to improve our HSA! I know many of you who do so much seldom want any attention for it...However, we appreciate you and want to recognize members that go above and beyond! I'm truly looking forward to this section the most AND the "Tell us a Story" section in the forum!

Lydia Wangrycht

I talk to a lot of members at HSA. And have asked many who they thought should be featured in our Members' Spotlight. We value all of our members. Time and time again, the name Lydia was mentioned. Why? Everyday Lydia is seen picking up, cleaning up, and disposing of loose trash and debris that finds its way onto HSA property. She consistently does this. Not once in a while, but every day she is at HSA. We cannot do much except say "THANK YOU" and that we appreciate her concern for our HSA! I did find out Lydia retired from Sears after 35 years of service. She and Tom have 16, yes, I said SIXTEEN Grandchildren and SIX Great Grandchildren. A 10-year member, Lydia and Tom have two horses, 3 cats and two pure-bred German Shepherds. All are rescues. I plan on sitting down with Lydia and finding out more. For now...We just want to give Lydia Wangrycht a very, very BIG 


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